Thursday, February 26, 2009


Holy shit. Ho-lee shit. You know, I hate and despise vapid celebrity gossip as much as the rest of you, which is to say that I love it with an unrepentant passion that I am reluctant to share with people whose good opinion I value. But! Since I do not know you and therefore cannot reach any valid decision about the importance of your good opinion, I offer to you this juiciest of celebrity crime tidbit-tastic news. Carl Marks, loudmouth Marxist and film director of either genius or extreme imitative cleverness, has just been arrested for killing a woman who was either his girlfriend, or a high-class—by which is meant too expensive for you—call girl. Or both. The woman, a 26-year-old native of Edmond, Oklahoma who went by the name Andi Anton, was…well, she was an extraordinarily attractive woman. Yes. But she was also shot three times in a condo in Playa del Rey, after which she was not so pretty at all, or so I imagine, not having had the stomach to look at the crime-scene images. Can you believe this? Carl Marks killing someone? This is where communism gets you.

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